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Adult Swimming Tuition

Learning to swim can be a life changing experience. The water is not only good for your health but your mind too. Your ability to overcome your fears and your new found skills can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

How many times have you looked on enviously at people enjoying themselves in the hotel pool while you just sunbathe? gain the confidence to join in this year.
It is estimated that up to 33% of adults are unable to swim either through lack of opportunity, bad experiences, poor tuition or fear of the water. Whatever the circumstances you are guaranteed a sympathetic and stress free experience.

Our adult private swimming lessons can cater for all abilities from those with a profound fear of the water to advanced triathlon swimmers improving technique.
As with children’s swimming lessons the aim is to make the lessons enjoyable and fun. Our experienced staff with a number of swim aids at their disposal can tailor make the lessons to suit your needs. The hardest part is finding the courage to book a lesson. The teacher’s patience and understanding will soon put you at ease.

Swimming for exercise

Swimming burns more calories than most other forms of exercise. If you swim steady for 1 hour you can burn upto 850 calaroies!

Swimming is recognised as one of the best forms of exercise for particularly for older clients as it puts less pressure on joints. Poor strokes and breathing technique can limit its effectiveness. We can correct your strokes and ensure you gain the most from the experience building stamina and efficiency. 


For many competitors particularly those new to the challenge, swimming can be the Achilles heel. Poor technique will not only produce a slow time but will also drain you of much needed energy for the other events. A good breathing pattern and a relaxed efficient stroke is key to improvement. Our experienced instructors can give you the guidance you need.

Your First Swimming Lesson

You are probably feeling a little apprehensive having just booked for a course of lessons with us – Fear not! 

We take a much more relaxed approach to teaching our clients. We encourage you to relax and talk during the lesson - the more relaxed you feel in the water the more confident you become and you will find it easier it is to float. 

Your teacher will be in the water with you, and there will never be more than one other person receiving tuition at the same time. Your instructor will be continually assessing your ability and offer a tailor made lesson plan that suits you at a pace that you feel comfortable with.
Swimming lessons are designed to be well balanced and we are careful not to spend too long on one drill, as repetitive practices can cause injury to muscles and joints.

Booking with Swim 121
Here’s our process for booking lessons with us. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

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