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Parents ask us a lot of questions about swimming lesson progress. Here are a few of the most popular ones we receive:

Why do your instructors use Tablets and Electronic Devices during Swimming Lessons?

During 2021, Swim121 has implemented the use of hand held tablets, to enable our teachers to be able to review and update our records efficiently, ensuring that you, as a client recieves the very best service you'd expect form our fully qualified team.

It is important for us that you know what our instructors see and what we do with the data.

Firstly the use of the tablet should not distract from the lesson.

No instructor will have access to any non-essential personal data, such as your address or bank details.

No instructor will use personal equipment for work purposes. The work equipment used has been installed with antivirus and firewalls with the most upto date software as possible.

Before the lesson commences the instructor will quickly review the competency of the swimmer to ensure the lesson is tailored to client.

After the lesson the instructor will update our system with a record with any relevant notes or achievements, which you as the client can login to your personal account to review.

All our instructors have recieved training to use the equipment and CRM and forms part of the Swim121's data protection policy.

If my child has passed 5m front – breaststroke (froggie arms) are they safe to play around the pool on holiday without armbands?

No. Your child is being taught in a controlled environment, As they progress we will build up the strength and stamina to sustain the swim for longer periods. On holiday they should wear armbands for safety whenever they are swimming out of depth. Encourage them to play and have fun which will help build water confidence.  

How do I change or cancel my booking?

You can cancel your lesson through the Swim121 Online member booking page or call our reception team on 01246 208995.

Does a change in instructor delay progress?

No. A child obviously will build a stronger relationship with the same teacher, but a change in instructor will allow the following:
1) To assess and ensure the child can swim the same with a different instructor

2) Be taught slightly differently which may help overcome hurdles the child maybe struggling with.

3) Many chidren respond positively to a new instructor as they seak to make a good impression.

Why only 2 weeks holiday allowance per 5 week course?

We feel that here at Swim121 we are very generous in allowing a two week holiday in a five week course. It is beneficial for the swimmer to undertake regular weekly swim lessons.

Can a parent ask to avoid certain teaching practices, such as jumping in or swimming on their back?

No. Unless for a medical complaint/condition.

For your child to become a competent swimmer they need to be able to cover all the essential elements of swimming. Asking to avoid certain practices will only highlight to a child that the practice is something to worry about. Our teachers will know immediately if a child needs more support to accomplish certain practices and with encouragement they will overcome their concerns.

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