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Teaching Children and adults with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Swim121 aims make swimming available to everyone

Where do children with special educational needs and disabilities fit into the programme?

Wherever possible we try to follow the same badgescheme as the rest of our pupils - it may take a little longer but with repetative learning practices and patience we have found that this can be achieved.

However, here a swim121 we have developed a similar programme that will allow people with additional needs to undertake a badge scheme that will motivate and improve confidence, which allows for the challenges some people have to overcome. Just like the main badge scheme it encourages and rewards achievement.

Please speak to reception for more information.

My child has severe learning difficulties, they have little speech and find it difficult to stay on task - is Swim121 the best place to take my child?

We are a facility that is family focused and can offer a learning environment that is private with less distractions.

Initially, you would need to attend an assesment lesson during the daytime with only your child in the pool. That way we can assess your childs needs and advise the best way to move forward with your childs swimming journey.

We may recommend that (at least initially) if all possible that your child attends lessons during the daytime which may necessitate speaking to your childs school for permission to attend. Learning to swim in a private environment during the day without distractions does achieve better results. This is not always possible but its worth mentioning that the children that do attend during the day have reported, that they return to the classroom in a more calm manner and can stay on task better when they return to school.

Some children recieve funding to attend swimming lessons but you would need to seek advice from your local authority to see if your child was eligable.

My child is in a wheelchair can they attend lessons?

Unfortunately, we are not wheelchair friendly as we lack space for a chair lift into the pool, changing area or access into the pool building.

However, if you are able to lift your child yourself into the pool and can manage in a constricted area we would suggest you make a site visit to see if we can meet your needs.

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