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Well done for taking the first step in making a commitment to learn how to swim, we've listed some common questions below but we would much prefer to speak to you in person or over the phone.

I have a phobia of water - can you help?

Aquaphobia? Agoraphobia? Bathophobia? Whatever your phobia or apprehension is, come and discuss your fears and/or anxieties with our experienced and understanding team.

Those phobias you may have are generally the result of a traumatic experience, you may have experienced or witnessed at some point in your life. Working together to gain your trust we will hold 121 sessions to listen and understand both the physical and mental obstacles you have to water. From this, we will build you a tailored personal programme to help you to understand and manage your anxieties through learning breathing and relaxation skills and to reintroduce you to the water in a controlled way.

We can help you to focus and achieve what you desire from the water…maybe swim in the ocean/pool? Snorkel in a beautiful sea, to see the scenic ocean bottom or to finally be able to relax and enjoy being round water.

Swim121 treats you as an individual, we work only on a one to one basis, ensuring that you receive the best personal tuition/training to help you achieve your goals.

If you would like to find out more information of this service please get in touch or call our reception on 01246 208995 who will arrange a free 121 consultation with one of our experienced therapy swim instructors.

We hope to see you soon!!

I would love to go swimming but I feel anxious about the thought of even changing into my swimwear - can you help?

The feeling of apprehension is so very common when trying something new.

Swim121 takes pride in offering a private service that will make the experiance a positive one.

The great thing with us is that we can offer a one to one service - no spectators. There maybe another adult in the pool with you having a lesson, but remember they will be feeling exactly like you.

As instructors we have seen every size and shape - and we are far from perfect ourselves. One benefit of learning to swim as an adult opposed to a child is that you will start to notice small improvements in your body shape (your skirt or trousers will feel loseer), you will get a natural high and feel good after your lesson. This is because you are not used to exercising in water, and remember even though swimming is low impact, it uses every single muscle in your body strengthaning both body and brain power. 

Some people prefer to swim in a t-shirt over their swim wear and thats fine with us. You can also wear a dressing gown until it is time to get into the pool. As long as you feel comfortable we dont mind.

The hardest thing is calling to book for an assesment - dont worry, just do it :)



How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

The simple answer is - How long is a piece of string?!

There are many factors to consider when learning to swim -  such as, body shape, age, confidence, learning abilities and concentration skills to name a few.

However, as we offer private tuition, the above mentioned factors to learning can be overcome much quicker as we tailor make the lesson to suit the individual.

From our experiance the average learner aged 4+ with no phobias, and attending lessons on a regular weekly basis, we would expect to complete the main badge scheme in between 12 and 18 months.

These timescales will also be influenced by the continuity of the lessons. Frequent absences will increase the timescale. 


How do I sign up to the waiting list? and or the cancellation list?

You can register on the home page of the website by completing the booking form alternatively you can telephone 01246 208995 and the receptionist will process the necesary details.

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