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At Swim121 we guarantee our service will deliver excellent tuition delivered in warm water, by fully qualified, patient and empathetic swimming instructors. Our lessons offer a high degree of privacy within a clean and safe environment.

Private 121 Tuition

We believe the most effective way to teach swimming is on a 121 basis. The swimming lessons are tailor made to meet the client’s individual needs. Everyone is different in lots of ways, to name but a few...

• personality
• build
• body shape
• buoyancy
• coordination
• confidence

The problem with group swimming lessons, even small groups, is that the swimming lessons generally follow a set pattern with water time divided into sections, each section is spent practicing a different skill. No two pupils are alike and learn differently, often pupils feel left behind and struggle which effects confidence.

At Swim 121 we still follow a swimming lesson plan but because it is an individual lesson we can be more flexible. We can divide lessons in a more constructive manner allowing the instructor more flexibility. This may be concentrating on a skill a pupil may be struggling with or altering the pace of the lesson depending on how the pupil is feeling ensuring the lessons are enjoyable and stress free.

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