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Parent, Baby and Toddler Pool Sessions

Introduce your lockdown baby to a whole new experience of baby swim sessions. Here are a few questions our parents have asked. Although please give our reception a call for any query you may have.

Can baby swim from birth?

Yes, baby can swim from birth. They do NOT have to have had their injections to go in a swimming pool. However, if Mum is accompanying baby in the pool, Mum needs to have had a 6 week check up and have the all clear from the doctor to go in the pool.

Baby has just spent the last nine months in the womb, being in warm water gives baby freedom, massage and gentle exercise.

What are the benefits of baby swimming?

There are so many benefits to baby swim sessions for both baby and parent.

• Eye to eye contact & communication with baby
• Skin to skin contact enhancing bonding with baby for both parents
• Relaxed environment for both baby and parent
• Neurological brain development
• Core muscle development
• Hand to eye co-ordination
• Gentle physical work out to develop and strengthen baby’s heart, lungs & respiratory system
• Improvement of sleeping and eating patterns
• Learn essential safety skills, such as turning around and holding on etc
• Baby has your undivided attention, with no distractions
• Introduces a love of water at a young age

Why do you use the double nappy system?

We use a double nappy system to ensure no leakages occur in the pool.

Nappy 1. Reusable or disposable nappy acts as a liner for convenience if an accident does occur whilst in the pool.
Nappy 2. Neoprene happy nappy, helps contains any accidents that happen. The neoprene needs to be snug fit around the body and legs
Both are available in a range of sizes, colours and designs

You can purchase both reception if you require one or forget to bring them to your lesson.

Baby’s can wear a warmer wet suit/ costume, however the swimming pool is between 31-34 degrees and shouldn’t need one. A wet suit can also inhibit the sensory experience for baby. Every baby is an individual and our instructors will advise you if they feel a body warmer would be beneficial to baby.

Do we need flotation aids/ arm bands/ body suits?

No, we don’t use any floatation aids with younger babies, flotation aids are introduced to toddlers when they are a little bit older and are expressing interest in becoming independent in the pool.

Will baby go under water/ submerge?

Yes, baby will experience the freedom and independence of being under water.
Swim 121 baby swim sessions follow a baby led approach, baby will learn skills that enables them to take themselves into the water as and when they want to go.
Baby will submerge under the water in their own time, when baby is ready.
Baby will not be forced or taken under water without consent from baby.
Full information and instructions will be given by your instructor.

Why is there so much repetition?

Many of the skills are taught through songs, rhymes and repetition
Toddlers learn through play, using songs, games, activities, toys which helps develop life skills in and out the pool such as counting, sorting, identifying colours.

Do I have to sing?

We use songs and nursery rhymes in baby/ toddler swim sessions. You don’t have to sing however your voice is a comfort to your baby and will make them feel at ease in the water.

What do I need to bring to my first swimming lesson?

Going anywhere with baby/ toddlers is not easy, especially swimming!
Coming as swim ready as you can, makes thing slightly easier

For baby/ toddler you will need:
• Disposable/ reusable swim nappy
• Neoprene happy nappy
• Towel
• Comforter/dummy (If required)
• Milk/ drinks/ snacks
• Changing mat

Changing tables, mats, play pen are all available to use in the changing rooms.

For parent you will need:
• Swim costume/ shorts
• Towel
• Goggles

Why do I need to use/ bring goggles?

We advise you to bring goggles that have clear, unmirrored lenses. These are used throughout the lesson when we are practising submerges. This enables you to go under the water with baby, so your eyes don’t sting, and you get a good clear view of your baby whilst under the water.
We recommend wearing your goggles at home, in the bath etc so baby gets used to seeing mummy/ daddy in goggles and it’s not a shock to them when you use them in the pool.

Can I bring my car seat?

We are limited on space in the changing rooms, but you can bring in your car seat, this does help to put baby in their car seat whilst you get changed.

Can baby swim if they feel unwell?

Baby has a cold:
Coughs and colds are very common in babies and toddlers as there immune system develops, they can swim with a light cough or cold however if they are lethargic, have a fever, swollen glands or muscle aches and pains it’s best to let them rest and recover at home.

Baby has eye/ ear infection:
If baby/ toddler is suffering from and ear or eye infection it is best to keep them away from the pool until it is cleared. This is to ensure that the condition is not made worse or passed on to any other babies/ toddlers.

Baby has upset tummy:
If baby/ toddler has symptoms of diarrhoea and sickness they must not swim until 48hrs after all symptoms have cleared.

Baby has chicken pox:
Chicken pox is highly contagious. You can only swim once all the blisters are completely scabbed over.

Baby suffers with eczema:
Baby can swim with eczema, it is recommended to shower before and after getting the water, also use a barrier cream before and after getting in the water. Specialized swimsuits can be purchased which provides the skin with an extra layer of protection.

Baby/ Parent/ Carer suffers with medical conditions:
You will need to provide full medical conditions when you register for swim sessions. Please inform your instructor of any medical conditions. We are happy to discuss any medical conditions prior to swim conditions if you require any clarification.

Can I breast feed? Bring drinks & snacks?

Yes, of course. If baby needs a feed before, during or after their swim session, please feel free to give baby a feed. If you feel you need some privacy, we have lots of space available.

Baby/ toddler will be hungry and tired after their swim session we recommend that you bring a bottle/ drink/ snacks for them

Beverages & snacks are also available from the reception.

Can family members come and watch baby swim session?

Currently we are limited to one adult per baby/toddler due to covid restrictions

However, we do have a spectating area outside in the garden.

We will inform you when we are allowed spectators in the inside viewing area.

Can Mum/Dad/ Grandparents/ Family or Friends bring baby swimming?

Yes, that’s no problem. Our instructors build a relationship with and get to know baby and toddlers whilst they are in the pool environment.
Clear instructions and explanations are given throughout the swim session.

What safety skills will we learn?

The safety of both babies and toddlers around water is vitally important, learning how to rotate themselves when in the water, floating on their back, holding on, moving along the pool side, climbing out.

These skills will develop as baby/ toddler gets older, gaining confidence and independence in the water, breathing techniques, introductions to basic swim strokes, treading water, floating, jumping in, climbing out.

How long is the swim session?

Sessions are 25 minutes long. Young babies shouldn’t be in the water for more than 30 minutes. Babies are generally tired and hungry after the gentle exercises, sensory experience and play in the water.

Can we practice skills in the bath!

Lots of the skills and techniques learnt in the pool can be practised at home in the bath. The more frequent the skills are practised and repeated the quicker babies can pick skills up and put them in to practise when they are back in the pool.

Your instructor will give you guidance on these techniques in your swim session.

Can I take photo’s?

Unfortunately, due to child safeguarding, cameras and photos are not permitted in or around the pool.

However, we do have a waterproof camera in the pool, we try to take some individual photos for you so you can relive babies experience in the pool with family and friends.

We may use photos on social media, but consent will be checked before they are used.

Do I have to be able to swim/ confident in the water?

Baby lessons are taken in the shallow end of the pool which is 0.9m deep. You do not need to be able to swim or a confident in the water to allow baby to experience the benefits of baby swim sessions.

Please inform your instructor if you are unable to swim.
Swim121 does offer adult swim sessions, if you want to learn to swim or improve your confidence in the water.

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